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Minions of Mirth: The good things

As I mentioned earlier, Minions of Mirth has it's problems and it's not for everyone. Some may be turned off by the graphics, some by the lack of initial customization, some by the fact that the game has no real tutorial other than one help screen.
It simply doesn't explain anything to you. There are no exclamation marks for you, if a quest is available for you, nor where the city is (as you spawn off outside it). The only thing, that will, help you get started is a small item in your inventory, that you must present to your trainer. The help mentioned tracker window so you open it, and it lists you the closest things to you and the distance, so you track the city (Trinst) and go there to find whom your supposed to find.

(Yes, this is the capital city)

Even though the tutorial is pretty non-existant, it's not a big deal, given that there is a help channel, where you can type your question, while obtaining an answer from other players (and I must say, they are a helpful bunch).
After surviving the birthing pains however, the games really opens up. The amount of content was put in the game is mind-boggling. You can craft items. Make poisons. Enchant equipment. Brew poisons. And of course, quest and fight stuff.
Quests are nice but suffer a little from the same formula as in other MMOs, i.e. kill X to receive Y, give item A to person B, and so on. The rewards are modest, and you will spend most time gathering experience via killing various animals and denizens living on the lands of Mirth. The main benefit of doing quests is getting presence (it upgrades your character, makes her more powerful) and receiving monster templates as rewards.
What is a monster template, you ask? Why, It's a playable character, that you can create, that looks like a monster from the game. Each monster has some set classes, like skeletons being warriors, liches being necromancers etc. , and the game allows you to create the creature with the exact starting level (and YES you can become a Dragon). This along with the unique way MoM handles classes makes it really excellent for making your builds the way you want. And that leads us to the biggest plus this game gets from me.... classes.
There's multiclass in this game. You pick your first class at character creation, the you get the option to dual class at level 5 and finally to get your third class at level 15. There are no restriciton (outside some classes being unusable by one faction and vice versa) as to what classes you choose. You want to start as a Warrior, then pick a Cleric to heal yourself and lastly, wizard for the big damaging spells while still using heaviest armor? You can. You can make any combination, and it will be playable. There are some classes that compliment each other better than another, but it's not that big problem as to render some characters unplayable.
There are classes that get pets, classes that can change their form to another, classes that give you abilities to fly, to control npcs, and much more.

As I said, the game is not for everyone. It has some problems, but those get soon overshadowed by the sheer volume of choices and content you can find. And the fact that it's free, and later unlocked with one time fee makes it all the more appealing.
I've certainly had more fun, and I've definitely got my money's worth out of this game.

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