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Minions of Mirth: A quick look

I make it no secret that I like games.
Whether it be those board ones, PnP rpg stuff or the video game variety, the power to create, simulate and run (or pretend to run) worlds to take out the stress from the whole day is strangely compelling to me. There's many different genres that I like, but today, I want to talk about one small hidden gem of a game from a genre that I find intriguing.

Introducing: Minions of Mirth

Minions of Mirth (or MoM for short) is an MMORPG. It was released back in 2005 by an independent developer Prairie Games Inc. When I discovered it, sometimes in 2006, I was curious. This was not the first time I played an MMO (I played Knights Online for about a week), but it was the first one I found that has been Mac-friendly.
Oh, I didn't mention that I own a Mac? Well, there's a story for some other time then.

Okay, back to MoM.
So I found a game, from a genre I was mildly interested in, that I could run from home. And it was free (well technically, you had to pay a one time fee, like in Guild Wars, but it has a free trial up to level 15). Needless to say, I was pretty hyped. So I went and installed it, made myself an account, and finally run the game. This is wat will greet you upon opening the game:

(you can tell that this will be old school)

I've certainly seen worst menu screens, but those were around 1997. Mind you this came in 2005, a year after World of Warcraft, yet the initial impressions put it somewhere around Diablo 1 era. But I didn't stop, I went through two more menu screens and created a character. To be precise, you pick your race, starting class, assign spare points to your stats (or, if you're a wuss like me, use the default button) and pick your gender and decide whether you wanna be the good friendly guys, or the bad dastardly evil ones (but you have to have full version for those)
That's it. 
No other customization whatsoever. This is a little sad, yet I don't see it as a big minus, given what you can do with your character later on. On a positive side of things, you can pick from 12 races, and 16 classes. On start. It gets even better later on.
So I made my character and went to the realms of Mirth.
And this is the first scene that will open for you:

(neat huh?)

Not the prettiest sight in the world, but it's charming in it's own old fashioned way. At first, I was pretty unimpressed, but it began to grow on me. The graphics give a strong Everquest vibe, from the menus, to the overall aesthetics. The result is, bearable, but nothing to write home about (On the other hand your microwave can probably run it as a result.). It's neat, to the point, has a certain feel to it and at least you're not staring at ASCII.

So yeah, there you have it. The first part of my quick look was pretty "meh" so far, but join me next time, when I'll write about what I like about this game- a love letter so steamy and sparkly that will make Twilight saga fanfictionist weep.

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